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19 Computing are offering free collection and delivery with all repairs, Please use the Arrange repair or remote support button

iMac Repairs

We can repair the full range of Apple iMacs from the early G4 models right up to top spec retina display i5/i7 models.

Some of our most common repairs include :-

  • Full LCD/LED Screen replacement
  • Front Glass replacement
  • Hard drive replacement/SSD Upgrade
  • Memory replacement
  • Logic board faults down to component level
  • Graphic related issues

We also repair many more faults. If yours is not listed feel free to contact us for a quote.

If your iMac Repairs has a broken screen, we can repair it! We offer repairs for MacBook’s with broken glass, broken LCD’s, broken lids, broken hinges, and more. If your MacBook has screen issues, we can fix it.

You may have been told that the Motherboard (or Logic board as it is more commonly known on a Mac) has failed. If this is the case this normally means a bill into several hundreds of pounds just for the logic board itself. At 19 Computing in certain circumstances we can repair the logic board down to component level saving hundreds ! Of course, if it does need replacing then we will offer the best price possible to do so.

It is common for hard drives to fail especially in laptops such as the MacBooks. We can replace these quickly and offer solutions to recover any data. Some MacBooks such as the Air use an SSD in which we can also replace. We can also upgrade the hard drive in other models to an SSD to increase performance which makes a huge difference. So, if your hard drive has failed perhaps It makes sense to upgrade to SSD at the same time.

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