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Mac Upgrades

RAM Upgrades

We can upgrade the Memory in your Mac in order to  make it run faster. Our technicians are fully trained in identifying which memory is required for your Mac  model. We also use the dedicated Mac Memory products by Cruicial which are certified specifically for    Mac use. They offer much better compatibility as they  are all confirmed to be 100% compatible with the   model of Mac in question rather than an inferior 3rd    party products which often cause instability


SSD (Solid State Drive) Upgrade

This is the best upgrade you can do for your Mac. It makes a speed increase of up to 60%. It is perfect for those who have a Mac that is a few years old such as a 2010-2012 model. This completely transforms the machine making it so much faster and is a fantastic way of increasing the life of your Mac by a good few more years. People tend to keep Macs as they do last the length of time whereas PC’s are generally replaced sooner. A Solid State Drive is a great upgrade to keep that older machine up to date.


Software Upgrades

Are you running an earlier version of OSX? Want to keep up to date and install the newer version? We can help with this. It is simply just our labour charge of £39.95 and we will upgrade you to a newer version. Our trained Mac technicians will be able to determine the best version for your Machine. It is sometimes best not to upgrade to the latest version as it could slow the machine down too much so we would always look to upgrade to most recent but without a detriment to the machines performance.